What are you wearing for your next photo shoot?

The Implied Value…Meaning? It’s where people make judgments about the quality of a product based on the quality of the packaging. Not fair or necessarily smart but it happens. To make money and gain the widest range of possible clients, you want to look as sharp and professional as possible. And if your goals as a photographer include major events and large ticket weddings, chances are they want to hire the highest quality professionals available. Your future clientele may very well come from the guests in attendance. And the more elaborate the event or wedding, the more cautious the potential client becomes.

Valuing you as a professional is multifaceted—it starts with the appearance, but your level of skill, competence and confidence as a professional hired to do the job requested is largely based on what the client thinks is a good job. Leave them no room for doubt.

You are a professional service provider whose work will last far beyond any event. As a photographer, yours is the product that will remain on the table, whose images will go to family and be on mantles and shelves for years to come. You are the memory maker.

The respect of those who found you worthy to be entrusted with their most precious memories is acquired by your skills and competency; however it all starts with your appearance.
I believe you should dress for the occasion. no need to overdress if you dont need to, you should represent yourself the way you want people to see you and still be comfortable enough to work.