Swatches. A bug in the file!

There is the file that has a hidden bug.

When copying an object from the sheet or while creating any new (it can be even rectangle that has neither fills nor effects) and moving it to a new sheet in the palette SWATCHES the following occurs (see pic)

The problem isn't solved by a removing of all the samples. Because of this bug the file hardly works, gets freeze, even at the initial stage.

Can I remove it? I would like to hear ideas if they are certainly there.


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Resave it in a older CS version, either save as fxg. The most important information should be saved.

Clean all the AI files with swatches, not by "simply removing" in the program, but by opening it physically and deleting an unnecessary files. And it will be not bad idea to check the file that is used when creating a new document. It’s really can be a problem, because Illustrator always saves all the stuff in its file: all swatches, patterns, brushes, symbols. And it can be even basically unused files, but that were created or used in the present specific file. So, check this version, perhaps you have so much brushes, symbols or whatever…but the peculiar thing is that all these garbage is inherited while creating a new ones and thus accumulates as i understood.
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