SONY a5 and Minolta

If your Minolta uses af lenses they will fit. Lign up the red dots. inset lens and twist. If that works then your Minolta uses af type lenses not the older M type.
Once connected, check the auto focus. if the camera/lens combination auto focuses, your good to go. ALMOST!!
Remove the lens and notice the small electrical contacts. The alpha 57 has 8 of them. If the lens has 8 you are golden. If the lens had 5 then the lens is not a "D" type. Don't worry about that to much, it is just that the lenses with only 5 contacts will not support some of the through the lens electronic flash functions. If your electronic flash has some of the advanced features you won't be able to use some of them.

OK! a disclaimer. I'm not an expert. There might be something I left out, or got entirely wrong. If it was me, I'd put one of your lenses on, and take a few pictures. I have a Sony alpha 100 and several Minolta cameras and lenses. No problems swapping lenses from Sony to Minolta or Minolta to Sony. The only thing I noticed is that some of the features on my Sony flash are not available with lenses that only have 5 connections. On the other hand, using a lens with 8 connections on an old Minolta with only 5 does not seem to cause any problems. No adapters involved/

If I am wrong about this. I hope someone will chime in and correct me.