Self processing Ilford delta 100 need more contrast.

Hi all film peeps!

I have recently started self-processing my medium format film then I scan in the film to get a digital image.

My issue is that all my recent self-dev shots appear to have little dynamic range, well actually, highlights are fine but hardly any blacks or dark greys.

I added a couple of untampered with scans but as this is my 1st post the forum will not allow me to post with these!!!!! :(

So I will see if I can add some links to these images to my profile to help. *** one link is on my profile under about me*** another is in my profile under contact details>my website***

My process is:

All liquids at 20 degrees Celsius.

Developer:Ilford Ilfasol 3, 60ml with 540ml water, 5 mins total with agitation for the 1st 30 secs then 10 seconds at the end of each minute

Stop: Ilford Ilfostop, 30ml with 570ml of water, 2mins with agitation for the 1st minute.

Fixer: Ilford rapid fixer, 30ml with 570ml of water, 1 min agitation, leave for 4 mins total.

I use all these mixes fresh, so no re-using to aid accuracy.

I know in these example there is a lot of light across the subject, and that this will reduce the contrast.

All help opinions welcome!


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