putting a new plug on an old slide projector

Hi I just got an old Braun slide projector to look at my parents masses of slides.
It had a two pin plug on it and I used an adaptor to a three pin plug that I have at home.
I realised once it has blown the fuse in the three pin plug that the adaptor should only be used for shavers!
I went to local electrical shop and they said to cut plug off and wire up to three pin plug with 5 amp fuse . I have done this but projector doesn't work.
Lots of questions:
The cable had black red and grey wires. Is the grey earth?
If the plug was blown could the bulb be blown too?
If bulb doesn't eork will the fan etc not work?
Sorry if questions sound stupid but I am new to all of this .
The projector was sold as working