Olympus OM1 has issue, I need help!

Hello everyone, so I've been digging online and have worked out a few kinks myself with this camera, bought non working/as-is. When I first received it, the shutter was locked, advance was locked, and I reset some parts in the bottom and lined it up correctly, helping the parts needing to connect do that and walaaa, it worked. Advance advances, shutter fires. All speeds seemed accurate. Then after a little bit of advancing and firing, I noticed, and this is the weird part, at certain angles the shutter would "fire", but making more of a "ping" sound and the mirror would get stuck and not in the fully horizontal position. Once this happened I could slightly tilt the camera and the mirror would slap down, the shutter then releasing and making the proper shutter sound, as if unhindered at this particular angle. So the thing I'm wonder is, has anyone else ever experienced this? It seems no one has. In the beginning of the mirror getting stuck, the camera was only working upside down, hahaha, then I opened it up, re worked the shutter speeds and now it works right side up. But slightly tilted up it does the mirror ping deal. Ive attached a photo of the mirror locked at its strange point. Anyway if anyone had any information, shared instances, ideas...please let me know. I'm all ears.


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