Newbie DSLR User

I just purchased my first DSLR camera, coming from years of point-n-shoots. I decided to go with a CANON POWERSHOT G12 and a CANON EF 50MM F/1.8 II lense as my first set-up. I decided to move up to a DSLR as I wanted to explore the world of photography and see how far I can take it.Any advice as to maybe what accessories I need to get or just some direction on what I should do to get used to the DSLR world?
Shoot manuel. Go out and learn the balance between your iso, shutter speed and aperature. once you get that down photography gets way easier. you can look up the exposure triangle to understand the basics
All great advice. I'm with Norrell - shoot, shoot, then shoot some more. The beauty of digital is that you can spend the afternoon trying out things without wasting film/processing costs.
I'd also recommend building a network of established photographers who will give you honest feedback on your images. It is painful to hear sometimes, but it is the best way to grow!
Just my 2 cents...