Is the attached CORAL File Corrupt?

I am having trouble opening the attached file with my current CORAL DRAW 10 version. Attached is picture of error I am getting when I try to open up this old file with old data for 2008. This file was created on Illustrator CS2 and saved as a .CDR File (so that I can open it if I need to using CORAL 10 or newer version 12 so that I can adjust the graphics)

When I try to open this file using CORAL 10 or 12 I just cant (see attached error message) so I cant even open it to convert it. Why do you think I have trouble opening this. Is it a setting, what filter is presenting this issue, or is it that this file Just cant be opened any longer. Thanks


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Honestly, without being able to look at the original illustrator file, I can only guess. Most likely there is a special filter or file contains the damage that corel cannot interpret.

But You could try changing the suffix to .jpg and uploading it.

Example: your file is named filename.cdr

Change it to filename.jpg

Then try to upload it.

Is it possible to get another version of the file from the person who originally saved it as .cdr?

If after that the file will not open normally, then I think there is a possibility that the file is corrupted. Can try to recover it with some program. I from experience can you recommend CorelDraw Recovery Toolbox.

Or firstly better take the recommendations on the site.