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How to create the best hardware close up photos through preperation?

  • Preparation before shooting (Cleaning and such)

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  • Software techniques (PS and such)

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  • Having both combined (If you choose this, would you please share your formula? :) )

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  • I don't know.. thats why I'm on this forum (this would be me)

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Hi Photography Forum Family,

I'm a student in regards to the topic of shooting hardware photos.
Any input/feedback/push would be very helpful and appreciated! Phooto is attached with this forum!
Anyone know how to edit hardware photos? Like removing smudges off of wheels and also dust off the nearby floor. How to tweak and perfect hardware photos... I'm looking for either a tutorial, person to guide me or a website.. if anyone can help point me in the right direction that would be splendid..

Thanks in advance if anyone writes back!



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Hi Thank you Becky for the warm welcome! It seems I'm not getting much input here ~ Which is alright, I'll do some research elsewhere ^___^ ! Have a good day everybody!

Warm regards
Shannon Tao