Have the gear and little idea

Hi folks,
i'm not a new photographer per se but far from the vaguest interpretation of a good one.
As in my heading I have the gear a canon EOS 600D camera, a couple of stock kit lenses, a canon zoom ef-s 1:3.5-4.5 usm a 70 - 300 zoom usm { it's at my mums so not sure of all the lettering but will put it up soon } a manfroto tripod and a canon flash gun. Previous camera eos 1100d with kit lenses and a eos 35mm film.
My problem is I have these great lenses and camera but the most I use on any of them is on AF on which ever feature on the top knob settings. This is ok most of the time but a waste of good gear. I'm based in Northern Ireland which basically means a limited choice of courses etc. Would love to do an online photography course possibly free and run through at own pace so would like some ideas or recommendations. Again I would like to hear some comments on the gear I've mentioned and also a recommendation of a good in between lens for close up pics. My photos aren't always sharp so I know i'm doing something wrong. Subject maters range from family photos, landscape/s, wildlife birds, flowers, riverside, motorsport and field team sports. So that's me and I would love to become a better more competent photographer and could do with all the advice/ridicule from those of you who have worked your way through the problems.

Cheers and thanks in advance
CreativeLive has some good online classes. I have taken the Fundamental of Photography with John Greengo. I can go back and repeat different topics whenever I want a refresher. His teaching style is easy to follow. It wasn't free, but not cost prohibitive. I felt it was well worth it. Check out www.creativelive.com
I hope this helps.