Durst 8x10 Enlarger

Hi! I hope someone can help me.
Back in 1999 I bought a Durst 8x10 1800 Enlarger from Durst-Pro USA It came with a modified ZBE Dichroic color head, 2000 watts. (6 Lamps) It has given me very little trouble over the years but now I am extremely worried. Jens Jensen the owner of Durst-Pro USA unfortunately has passed away. There is no contact with anyone that used to work for the company and ZBE does not have parts anymore. This is a great enlarger but if something cuts out on the unit I am at a loss on what to do? Does anyone
know of any people or companies that can service enlargers? I can do some mechanical repairs myself but I don't have schematics for the PC Boards for the Color Head. ANY help would be greatly appreciated! I have enclosed a photo of the enlarger.