Does PhotoShop have an 'extract' tool

I have many years of photos taken in the years of film (remember - film?). Anyway, I want to scan them to better share with my children. What I would like to do is to scan as many photos at a time as my flatbed scanner will hold.

Then I would like to be able to 'extract' individual pics to a file of its own WITHOUT destroying the remaining photos on the original scan. As you know using the 'Crop' command destroys the remainder of the original scan.

I am using Photoshop version 6 but will upgrade or purchase another application if necessary.

Thanks in advance, JohnS
What I do is: Crop, do a SAVE AS to another file name. Then I undo the crop, crop the next one, do another Save As, etc.
When youextractan object,Photoshoperases its background to transparency. Pixels on the edge ... ChooseFilter>Extract, and then specifytooloptions: ... Youdonotneedto highlight areas where the object touches the image boundaries.