Digitizing old Kodachrome slides

I have been scanning and editing many hundreds of my Kodachrome 35mm slides from the 1960's. Use an Epson V700 flatbed scanner - very good dynamic range & color accuracy, controlled by Vuescan, 12 slides at a time in holder, saved as TIFF files. Found optimum resolution as 3,200 dpi - insignificant detail loss as original camera was of medium quality. Many VS settings can improve initial result. Found auto dust removal greatly increased scan times and did erase some detail - skipped. Use Corel PaintShop for first edit: straighten, reframe, dust & scratch removal - like their tools. Re-open TIFF in PhotoShop, edit levels & colors, improve detail with Focus Magic Out-of-Focus plug-in, and tackle any other issues.
Slides generally in good shape, a few show color granulation separation, all have unblowable micro dust, glad I did not leave it any longer. Most worthwhile project!