Crashes Power Point 2007 while opening couple of files

I have very strange problem. Power point crashes while opening about 4 files and it works fine if I open any other file except these files. I copied these 4 problem files on another computer and these files doesn't open fine on another computer. I tried all kind of solutions I knew (re-install MS Office, un-installed anti-virus, Registry repair using uniblue booster, other help available on Google) but could not fix it. Files are PPTX format. both the machines are running office 2007 SP2.

It shows faulting module oart.dll and event id 1000. I would highly appreciate any help.
Visit this great source for additional information. Maybe will find something useful in that issue.
Sounds like the files themselves have either corrupt data or features that may have been added in a future version of powerpoint and are not handled correctly. Try opening those files on a similar application, such as Open Office, or upload them to google docs, then save them back to your drive again (make sure to use the office style save menu if you go the google route). Both these methods force the files to be examined and repackaged, effectively replacing or converting the problem data. Also as a fallback you can try to solve the problem by using PPTX Repair Kit. Think this is going to help you.