Copyright Infringement

Dear Members, we need your advise on one of the issues we are dealing with at a moment.

We recently did a photoshoot in collaboration with Photographer, costume providers, models and makeup artists. This was TFP shoot. There was no formal agreement made, but everything was on chat where photographer confirmed its a TFP.

Shoot went ahead, we got our first set of edited photographs by the photographer via dropbox. We used it on social media and gave credit in each photo. Even the photographer posted a update on social media about the shoot, so all was good. Now as we were due for our second set of photographs, the photographer stop responding to our call and emails. Rather to our surprise I got a mail from photographer saying we are doing copyright infringement as we have use the pictures on social media and has sent us the invoice to pay some amount or delete all the pictures from social media. My question is, is this correct are we really doing copyright infringement here ? Do we have any rights to use the photos and ask for the other set of pictures ? We were also never asked to not share the photos by the photographer. Can you advise what shall we do ?

Mail from photographer
"With regards to your publishing of my photos, as well as adding your watermark and editing the photos. You are infringing my copyright, as no permission was given by myself and the photos in question were exclusively for magazine editorials. You have made no effort to remove the photos in question from the various social media platforms. You have two options:
1. Remove all of my photos from the web that you have uploaded within 24 hours.
2. Pay for a commercial license to continue using my photos (invoice attached)."