Camcorder numpty

Not sure if this is the right forum, but anyway here goes.
I have a couple of old camcorders that don't work anymore. One I think will record but as it doesn't play back , can't tell. Anyway, went on to fleabay and saw this Canonvision ex1 for sale. The chap said it hadn't been tested, but it looked in such excellent condition I went ahead and got a bit carried away and bought it for nearly £100. It arrived and was as described. Lovely condition. But it didn't work. Am I a numpty or what.The tape eject and run is ok. Whether in playback or record, the tape runs, but looking through the viewfinder it is blank except for a white line on the right side. So, I don't know if it's recording or not as in playback the viewfinder is just the same.
Anybody got any ideas what's wrong. Would it be an easy fix or shall I just bite the bullet and chuck it in the dustbin?